The beginning of a new way of life

There is not really a way to start this blog without giving a somewhat boring explanation as to how I reached the point of blogging. It all started when… well, I suppose I don’t remember exactly when it started… or what “it” really is. I do know, however, that I have always been aware of the environment. There is something that connects me to the earth. Yes, I know I sound like a mind-less tree-hugger, but so what? My tree-hugging has provided me with a life of happiness and an almost-career. So for now, we can refer to “it” as my innate need to live sustainably.

On a recent long-stay trip to Washington State, I realized that there is a huge group of people who, like me, believe in low-impact living. I felt inferior to all of the Keen-wearing, unshaven, dread-head hippies who were so much farther along in their sustainable living. While they unplugged their fridges and sold their car years ago, I am still living off leftovers and driving my 2008 Jeep Liberty gas-guzzler. Needless to say, when I returned to the Dirty South, I was ready to pursue a more sustainable life. I was ready to finally achieve hippie status. While I still wasn’t ready to stop shaving my legs or give up deodorant, I was certainly determined to make my everyday choices more green, one day at a time.


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