Don’t step in shit

All of the green changes I am making are coming back to bite me in the ass. Though that ass is getting tighter and cuter from all the walking I’m doing, it doesn’t make up for the day I had. This morning I woke up after only three hours of sleep and realized my class (which was a 20 minute walk away) had already started. I spat out every curse word I know, and got out of bed wondering why I slept in after setting three alarms. I’ll tell you why. I started to unplug my phone charger at night and not charge my phone every night. The battery was doing fine with this routine until last night when my phone took a nice vacation and turned off. So when my dead phone did not go off this morning, I woke up too late to get to class on time. Shit.

I could have looked on the bright side and been happy to have gotten extra sleep, but I did not even sleep more than 5 hours. I was up late working on answering e-mails that I did not answer during the day because I keep my computer off at certain times. I was also really restless last night. I normally just put lotion on my dry hands or apply chapstick and then drift off to sleep after my pampering, but the latter was not an option last night. So, I replied to more e-mails, watched an episode of Tabitha’s Salon Takeover, drank some almond milk, and by the time I was actually tired it was 3:30am.

Putting the late start and two classes behind me, I headed back to my apartment. After about 60 paces into my walk, I felt a strap on one of my favorite sandals (the other favorite being the sandal on my other foot) loosen and my beautiful salmon colored, Merrell sandal slipped off my foot. I stopped walking and looked down at my sandal-less foot, the broken strap laying lifelessly between my feet. Though I was sad, reality quickly set in. I had to walk home barefoot. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but I was mourning the loss of a good shoe. I am not the type of girl who gets emotionally attached to shoes. In fact, I hate shoe shopping. A lot. Probably more than jean or bathing suit shopping. But any shoe that I can wear with a dress downtown and go kayaking in the next day is a good shoe in my mind.

I took a moment to collect myself and decided to call someone to put this ordeal into perspective: My mom. She listened to me brag about how positive all the changes have been and then complain about my broken sandal. My mom has this way of saying things so simply, just like that camper in Israel. “Well, you still have feet,” she said. This was true. Though the sandal tan on my feet was so intense that it seemed 3-dimensional, I would not lose one of those from walking too much. I continued walking after my mom gave me some final, brilliant words or wisdom: “Don’t step in any shit.”

On the other hand, my challenge for today went really well. I gave up chewing gum and have not craved it at all. I have to admit it’s been almost too easy. I gave away my last pack, so I don’t have access to it. No one offered me any. And honestly, the fact that I have absolutely no clue what is in gum, where it is made or what materials are used to wrap it neatly in its cute little box gives me a legitimate eco-reason for quitting. Life without gum won’t kill me, but one more night of applying olive oil to my lips instead of chapstick surely will.


5 thoughts on “Don’t step in shit

  1. If I knew you were going to quote me I surely would have given you even better advice. Don’t step in shit and you still have feet are really good, but here is the best advice of all. Don’t sleep too late and miss classes. Have a back up plan, like an alarm with a battery, or is that not eco- friendly either. I will have to get used to what is and is not acceptable.
    Carry a spare pair, like roll up shoes, I have a pair I can show you. I keep an extra in my car, but then again oh, you’re not driving anymore.
    I’m thinking this eco-friendly life may not be suitable for me, for sure, but a really big adjustment for you too.

    I laughed so hard when I read this blog. I guess I crack myself up sometimes, but when I read myself quoted, found it hilarious!
    Love Mom

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