Foregoing frosties

The sustainable version of previously lazy me is the most productive person I know. Today I woke up, cleaned out my car, did two loads of laundry that I have been collecting for a couple of weeks, organized my calendar for the week, walked to class, had a short chat with my professor about medicinal herb research, ran into about 15 people I know (I know. I am just so popular.) while I was walking to the health center, picked up my inhaler (Yea, asthma!) and walked all the way back home. I then proceeded to drive for the first time this week. Don’t be too mad. I needed an oil change and I finally had the free time to do it. While the Express Lube was working on my car, I walked to Kroger for some non-organic groceries. I walked away with $30 worth of yummy groceries and since I’ve been shopping at Earth Fare lately, I got about 4 times as much as I have purchased in previous shopping trips. I still did not buy anything I didn’t need and resisted the urge to stop at Wendy’s on my walk back to the Express Lube.

Oh, but I wanted that frosty so badly. I just decided that there was a lot of waxed cardboard, plastic, and calories that I did not need to add to my already heavy load. Just then I decided what my next change would be. It felt like a no-brainer: “Don’t buy anything I can make on my own.” Pretty simple, right?

This new rule encompasses a lot. I can no longer buy things like frosties or smoothies but I immediately made exceptions to the rules. I pledged to never let my hippie tendencies affect my friends, so my first order of business was to disregard this rule while on get-togethers with girlfriends, dates (yea right), or other social events. I also decided that this rule does not apply to guilty pleasures. During that time of the month when I am craving the cheesiest, saltiest, most fattening nachos from Moe’s I am definitely not walking my ass to Earth Fare to buy the ingredients and then cooking them at home. And let’s be honest here for a second. Drunk Jane will never be able to resist French fries smothered in ranch dressing. So even though I can cut my own organic potatoes and bake them myself, I will obviously be ordering from Wingster on Baxter instead.

We’ll see what comes from this new green challenge. So far I had no problem making my own banana berry smoothie from scratch, but how many times will I really be able to walk by Wendy’s without grabbing a delicious treat?


5 thoughts on “Foregoing frosties

  1. I like the idea of not buying anything you can make yourself. That’s a cool and interesting philosophy that honestly is a no brainer we pass up all the time!

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