Being lazy is sustainable

So for my regular readers (all 5 of you), I am sorry for the short hiatus. I have been busy with many things, including more sustainable choices and experiences. I did not do everything I wanted to do, but overall I will call this week a success.

After a full week of classes, meetings, grocery shopping and social outings I drove for a grand total of 20 miles and I walked a total of 18 miles. Did I really drive that much before? If so, that’s pretty bad. That’s an average of 7.2 miles of driving per day. I swear at this very moment that I won’t ever have that many miles added to my odometer at the end of a day.

I also gave up some environmentally damaging practices this week.

I noticed I was using a lot of throw-away cutlery. My solution? Bring a fork, spoon, and knife with me everywhere I go. This one definitely puts me in the category of the over-bearing environmentalist, but I don’t care. I am so sick of throwing away forks after just one salad, or spoons after roughly 26 bites of frozen yogurt. I am even sick of throwing away Earth Fare’s biodegradable, compostable cutlery. So even if I look like an idiot (which is not out of the ordinary for me) I will be pulling my camping silverware out of my purse in public just to avoid one more piece of plastic in a landfill.

Another bizarre life choice: no more highlighters. During class one day I got distracted staring at the toxic-looking, bright yellow residue left on my paper after I slid a highlighter across a term. After that I decided to look up the ingredients for the fluorescent studying aids. Here’s one word involved in the process that scared the shit out of me: arylsulfonates. I cannot pronounce it without sounding like a drunk freshman. Needless to say, the chemical compounds seemed too unnatural for me to continue supporting highlighters. To be honest I don’t even know the point of highlighters. It seems pretty useless to me. I highlight words on pages that I never look back at and… I’m a senior. There is no better a time to give up highlighters than when my GPA can’t possibly get worse and I am officially at the laziest point in my young adult life.

In summary, I have made two small, somewhat odd changes that will surely make every day a tad bit greener… and most likely make me look and sound like a bigger tree-hugger than I already am. Oh well.


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