After a sweaty morning doing team building activities with the ambassadors for my school, we indulged in some delicious, greasy, cheesy pizza. It didn’t take much for me to resist a napkin. My underuse of napkins is one of my mom’s many reasons why I will never have a boyfriend. But it’s also a very eco-friendly choice, so I’m okay arguing with her on that one.

The pizza was delicious, the thin plates we used were made using a very small amount of paper, and I was drinking from my Nalgene. Other than the fact that the pizza was delivered to the forest by a (not so smart) delivery guy in his less than eco-friendly car, I still considered our lunch somewhat sustainable.

When I saw my friend Jordan’s slice of pizza lovingly covered with a thick coat of parmesan cheese, I became irrationally jealous and had to have some. I grabbed one of the paper packets thinking that I could just recycle it when I was finished smothering my pizza with cheesy goodness, but I was appalled at what I saw when I ripped open the packet. To my surprise, the small paper packet was lined with aluminum foil on the inside. I know, I know. Domino’s needed the liner to avoid greasy cheese packets and spoiled food, but really? Why did my completely sustainable meal have to be ruined with non-sustainably wrapped individual packets of parmesan cheese? “Oh well,” I thought, “Just eat that piece with the yummy cheese and let the grease be the main ingredient of the next.”

So I got through my second (and third) piece of pizza without feeling guilty. I don’t want to feel that guilt ever again. From now on I will be avoiding individually wrapped anything just in case that anything is wrapped in something that may not be recyclable or made in a sustainable manner. This change may be challenging. Fruit roll ups, Gushers, most childhood lunch box foods that make every day better? How will I live without them?


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  1. UMMMM, how does GUPTA feel about all of these changes you are making?!?!? YOU KNOW GUPTA CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HIS PROCESSED PARMESAN CHEESE!!!!!

    you rock. i love you.

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