Keep it simple, Stupid

Going to school at one of the largest SEC universities definitely has its perks: cheap beer, thousands of friends, funny drunk people, an obscene amount of classes and majors, something to do at every second of every day, and so much more. With all of the amazing parts of UGA, there is still one thing that we cannot get right: waste. We waste so much at this school. For one, we guzzle energy and gas like it’s nobody’s business. We have buses and special campus vehicles that run all day. The lights in almost every classroom of every building are on all day. In the loudest dining hall on campus, Bolton Dining Commons, they play XM radio during operating hours. Ask the freshmen who eat their burgers and fries there if they have ever noticed the “Best of the 90s” music during their dining experience.

And worst of all, the scoreboard lights in our oh-so-precious Sanford Stadium stay on all day every day. While I encourage a sense of school pride, I do not need to walk by the stadium and read, “Make some noise!” or, “It’s Saturday in Athens” every day. I don’t want to make noise, it’s not Saturday and it’s a waste of energy.

So our school is wasteful. That doesn’t mean we have to be, right? Wrong. People at this school exert so much energy to perform the simplest tasks. What am I talking about exactly? The make-up, the hair-do’s, the fraternity pledges picking people up and dropping them off all over Athens, texting and Facebooking all day… the list goes on and on. Let me make everyone’s life a little easier. Here are some simple alternatives:

  • Instead of putting on six layers of make-up to go to the gym, just don’t. You’re going to be sweating it all off if you actually do what you went to the gym to do.
  • Don’t bother straightening your hair because it will go up in a bun after about 10 minutes of walking through the Georgia humidity.
  • Stop making pledges drive you 0.1 miles to the Tate Center or the Chemistry building. Walk your ass there yourself. Or use a bus. Stop making them drive their gas-guzzling pick-ups everywhere.
  • Use your time between classes to sit outside and take a rest from communication. You don’t need to be texting all the time. Facebook will survive without your check-in at the Miller Learning Center.

In other words: keep it simple, stupid. You’re wasting time, energy and precious resources with your excessiveness (and that includes you, UGA).


4 thoughts on “Keep it simple, Stupid

  1. I agree with Barbara!!! You are SIMPLY the BEST. Please don’t judge me that I am using energy to read this blog…I am at work.

    I love you, sweet cheeks.

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