(This one’s for you, Mom) Traveling Green

Traveling sustainably has been the most challenging part of the past few weeks. I tried desperately to leave a small impact and succeeded in many ways. I…

  • Brought my own water bottle and snacks on the plane
  • Brought a carry-on only and packed minimally
  • Only showered when necessary
  • Maintained a vegetarian diet (except for one piece of pork that I ate at one of those all-you-can-eat meat places… do you blame me?)
  • Brought my own sleeping bag
  • Did not do any extra shopping that I did not need
  • Used paper bags when I went grocery shopping
  • And badgered my brothers every time one of them used a plastic anything
And while I was proud that I upheld most of my green habits while traveling, I also did a few things I am not so proud of:
  • Drove a lot
  • Went on a plane (increasing my carbon footprint by 100 percent)
  • Drank bottled water because I did not prepare ahead for non-potable tap water
  • Used two towels for one weekend
  • Went to a public pool instead of a natural cold spring
  • Used commercial chapstick (once I left the Georgia humidity my lips were super dry)
  • And probably a lot more that I cannot even recall
I also failed to carpool on my trip home this past weekend to visit my parents. It was Labor Day weekend and I surely could have increased the efficiency of my trip home, but I did not.
While I am certainly disappointed, I am glad that I made a few environmentally damaging mistakes. Lately I have been living up in the green clouds thinking that my footprint is tiny. Meanwhile, I haven’t been traveling sustainably at all and if I am going to practice what I preach this is a huge change I need to make. With my lessons learned, I will make sure to plan ahead (Hello, Leave No Trace Principles) from now on. Hopefully in future posts you will read about the ways I have changed, but for now I have to clean up my apartment from all my Labor Day weekend guests.
Keep it green, y’all!

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