Shrinking my waistline and carbon footprint

I do it after every night downtown and I wake up the next morning with thoughts of regret and shame. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking and I am ashamed just typing about it. Wait. Maybe it’s not what you’re thinking. ‘Cause that’s gross. It’s fast food, people. My late night guilty pleasure is fast food fries… and milkshakes… and really anything filled with fattening, unidentified goodness.

So I am making possibly the most healthy decision of my life. I am giving up fat – I mean fast – food. My waistline is not the only thing that will shrink from this lifestyle change. So will my carbon footprint. Giving up fast food eliminates a whole category of waste I create almost weekly – no more fries containers, paper to-go bags, unnecessary amount of napkins, ketchup and ranch dressing containers, plastic straws or wax-sealed cups.

I have been contemplating the legitimacy of this decision for weeks but on my walk home today I made a mental pro/con list and decided I was a complete idiot for even thinking that I should continue to eat fast food. Here’s what I came up with:

Cons to eating fast food:

  • Non-recyclable everything
  • Non-reusable everything
  • Extreme amounts of waste
  • Non-vegetarian friendly menus
  • Grease
  • “Super Size Me”… ‘nough said
  • My french fry belly (equivalent to a beer belly)… not attractive
  • Extra gas used (only drive thru is opened at night)
  • A fast food place not to be mentioned uses only 37% meat in their “meat.” Even if I don’t eat that “meat” I should not support a company that feeds dog food to my friends.
  • Extra money I can spend on pricey organic food or new clothes for the sexy bod I will acquire from eliminating fast food.

Pros to eating fast food

  • Um.
So my point is made and so is my mind. For my health and my carbon footprint I will no longer consume the mysteriously delicious greasiness served by the wonderful selection of fast food restaurants in my area. New mission: order fries in bulk so I can still concede to my bad habit but stay green while doing it.

2 thoughts on “Shrinking my waistline and carbon footprint

  1. I love reading your posts. Your sense of humor is wonderful , not that I didn’t know that before.
    Your new svelt body will be the envy of all your fast food eating friends!
    Keep up the good work.
    Love Mom

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