Bottoms up

Lately my large green changes have slowed down a lot. I am still carrying my own cutlery (and being publicly ridiculed for it). Regardless of whether it’s appealing to the menfolk I am still showering only as often as I need (don’t worry, Mom… that’ once a day in most cases) and keeping those showers quite short. I turn off lights obsessively, in most cases choosing use natural light. My poor car feels neglected when I walk by every morning on the way to class and every afternoon on the way to meetings. And of course, I am still avoiding fast food… which is killing me slowly.

But I’m pretty used to everything I am doing. I don’t mind a long walk and while I can hear McDonald’s french fries calling my name every afternoon, I avoid them at all costs. So, I am going to do something that will officially make me an outcast in the number 2 (formerly number 1) party school in the nation. I am going to drink locally.

As a college student alcohol is a pretty large part of my diet. We drink socially after club meetings. We drink on game days. We drink after victories. We drink after losses. We drink after midterms. We drink after finals. We drink often.

So I am going to reduce my carbon footprint a little bit more by only drinking alcohol that has a small distance to travel to get to my koozie or coaster. That’s right. No more Bud Light and no more Italian wine. I am going to start by drinking only locally which means Georgia wine (good thing we have a ton of wineries that produce some yummy labels) and Terrapin beer (twist my arm a little).

Honestly, I don’t even think anyone will notice that I am making this change. I already drink Terrapin like it’s going out of style and I love trying new things. Perhaps a friend or two will catch on and make fun of me. Or maybe they will try some new wines with me. Who knows? But I get to support my favorite beer and taste new wines from the state I’ve called home for 10 years. This seems more like an adventure than a challenge!

My friends often participated in helping me out with my cause
Mom and I toasting (me with my Terrapin)

2 thoughts on “Bottoms up

  1. let’s ‘i love lucy’ our way out of this one and smash some grapes with our toezzzz

    also, is there such a thing as local, ga whiskey?

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