Blogs aren’t for hippies

Considering my last post was titled “Happy Hallogreen,” we all know that I haven’t been the most committed participant in this blog-ationship. I guess I didn’t consider the consequences of leaving my 12 readers (…wild exaggeration of the actual 5 readers. Hi, mom.) in the dark for almost a year. But I suppose if I want to succeed in making the south just a little more green, I need to keep the stories flowing like local beer on a Saturday night. Did that even make sense? Well, you get it. If I don’t keep up with my southern stories of a sassy sustainable lady… or sassy stories of a southern sustainable lady… or sassy stories of a sustainable… okay you get that too… then I won’t prove anything — or successfully sass the waste out of the south.

So, let’s catch up.

Here is what you’ve missed: nothing. I didn’t stop doing anything. I still unplug my microwave unless I’m using it. I still bring my own silverware with me everywhere I go. I still use the Diva Cup (Yea, remember that post? If not, go ahead and check it out so you can feel as uncomfortable as the other four people who read it).

The only change is that there have been no new changes. I thought about giving up deodorant. But then I decided that I am single enough. I don’t need any other men-repellent. I thought about giving up shoes. That thought lasted for about four seconds before I determined that the rusty nails and subsequent hospital bills would not be worth it. After those couple of thoughts I stopped thinking — for a year. I have been maintaining the same level of hippie-dippie. But, after almost a year, I have decided to step back into the game. Wish me luck and keep reading. If I let you down again, feel free to find some other eco-blogger who rambles on about nothing and dump me for her. Just know that I am more attractive and generally more awesome.


3 thoughts on “Blogs aren’t for hippies

  1. Nice to have you back. Remember when Seinfeld was on the air and that show was about nothing? Well this kinda reminds me of that! You are so adorable though, that I loved reading your blog about nothing.I know you, and have full confidence that this blog will contain useful information for everyone to enjoy
    ( all 5 of us). No fear the readers will come.
    I actually made a very healthy meal with all the greenery I could find yesterday. I didn’t get the best report from my doctor so have had to change everything about how I eat. Starting yesterday, no more crap! All healthy foods, sustainable or not, but will certainly try. I wanted to go to the Dekalb Farmers Market, but didn’t want to go alone; really wanted company for that venture. Instead I went to H Mart in Johns Creek. They have the most amazing blend of the worlds fruits and vegetables. Last nights dinner plate- separated into 3 sections was fresh 1/3 salmon, 1/3 sweet potato and 1/3(the largest) veggies. Very healthy and very green.
    I will keep you and your other 4 readers posted on my progress. Not only is my goal healthy eating, but weight loss. Wish me luck.
    Happy blogging!
    Love MOM

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