Running out of motivation

One year ago, the word “run” only came out of my mouth if I was talking about errands or that Jackson Brown song in Forrest Gump. Though I was making sustainable choices, I was completely unmotivated to become more healthy. After a while of continuing my unhealthy patterns (eating tons of junk food, drinking a lot of beer, watching a lot of TV), I made a promise to myself that I would start making big lifestyle changes.

A lot of those changes came naturally when I got rid of my car. For example, I stopped eating take-out on the way back from running errands and I stopped shopping as much, thus spending less money on stuff I really don’t need. Even with all the great changes that came with a car-less life, I still didn’t have something that I could do for my body (which, by that point, had suffered through four years of college and subsequently many extra pounds of fat). It was around the time I noticed how much weight I had put on that I decided to start running.

Running is not only an amazing workout, but it can be done anywhere. Plus, it doesn’t require any equipment or gym memberships. It’s a hobby and fitness plan that can translate well across my life, no matter where I am living or what my job is.

I never thought I would do it, but I started running this past October. It started off not so great, progressed to mediocre, and then I reached the point of being able to run four or five miles without stopping. In fact, I truly felt unstoppable. Then, the inevitable happened. I hit a plateau. A lot of people in the running community say that it’s common. I guess I just wasn’t ready for it to happen so soon. By January I wasn’t running as much and I was having difficulty staying motivated. I picked things back up in February and then March was/is a disaster. The only great thing that I did was complete a 5K. It taught me a valuable lesson: Don’t stop running.

After finishing my 5K in 32 minutes, I was proud. I just knew that I could do better if I had stayed motivated and trained harder. And while I was on a (really challenging) run a few days ago, I decided that I need to step up my game and get back into running. I’m just missing one thing: motivation. I don’t have a cute boyfriend who I want to look nice for, all my clothes fit me right, my friends and family love me the way I am, and I am not unhealthy by medical standards. I’m just kind of lazy… and a little bit chunky.

To keep myself motivated throughout April, I will be focusing on one motivating quotation or reason for each of the 30 days of the month. I might call it “30 Days of Dedication” or “My Month of Motivation” or something less obvious and more awesome. Whatever I end up calling it won’t matter. What matters is that by the end of April I will have 30 incredible reasons to stay healthy. By focusing on one piece of motivation per day, I will remind myself of all the different reasons why it is so important to stay fit and stay committed to my lifestyle.

Some days I will motivate myself to continue my “(mostly) vegan thang.” Other days my motivation will be more geared toward getting my ass outside for a run. And who knows? Maybe on Day 29 I will meet a cute boy to look nice for and I can make him my motivation for Day 30.


6 thoughts on “Running out of motivation

  1. BOY do I know what that’s like. You certainly got the right lesson out of it though…. NEVER stop running. The 30 days of motivation things sounds like an excellent idea. Hope it works out well for you and keeps you going!
    You and I can motivate each other come fall!
    Proud of you

  2. You are awesome. And I am so obsessed with this idea! I wish I was as creative/funny/inspirational as you! Are you going to share all 30 days of motivation online? I hope so! I would love to read them on this blog, etc. Also it might be a good time for you to use Twitter… I’m happy to help with the running adventure if you want! Maybe the Charleston race will motivate you (relax and have fun!) and then I’m loving Athens Road Runners if you want to join that community. Hope to talk about this more 🙂

  3. Jane, You are right, we love you just the way you are (wait isn’t that a song). You are all that a daughter should be and we are so proud of your accomplishments.
    Running is a great method of clearing your head, getting in shape and just staying fit. I know, I used to run every day after I had your brother Chase. It was a great way to get the extra pounds off and in two months after he was born I was my skinny self. Clearly not in that frame of mind nowadays. I do admire your drive and think the 30 days is really a good way to approach this.
    As for the boyfriend thing, although it is nice to share your life with someone, you have so much time to find Mr. Right. ( Clearly he’s not at UGA). You have so much to offer someone and they should be knocking down your door to claim you as their girlfriend. In time you will meet the right match and someone worthy of your greatness.
    Don’t settle for anything less.
    Keep up the good work.
    As always, your biggest fan. Love Mom

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