30 Days: Do it to feel good

Today my motivation is the way I feel after I go on a run or eat a super healthy meal. Or–if you’re a “half glass empty” kind of person–my motivation is the way I feel if I don’t run or if I eat something super greasy and unhealthy.

It’s not too difficult a concept to understand. I am just a better person when I am regularly working out and eating right. Better said than done, I know. But this motivation worked for me (today, at least). When I woke up tired from a restless night, I was immediately calculating how long each task would take during the day so that I could figure out the best time to nap. After a long day (thankfully with an hour-long nap), I was completely ready to skip my workout and order in some greasy food. Then I looked up at my daily motivation and convinced myself that I should at least do a short run (and probably not order anything greasy).

By 7:00pm I finally convinced myself to go on a run and it was awesome. I don’t know why I dread my runs so much when I feel like an absolute rockstar after every one. If I can just remember how I feel right now–accomplished, fulfilled, energized, motivated–every time I feel like skipping a run or eating something regrettable, then maybe I can beat laziness.

I highly recommend this method of motivation. I’m not much of a journaler, but I use the Nike Plus app on my phone. I can probably mention a billion things I love about the app, but there is one amazing feature that is totally relevant to this post: you can write notes about each run for reference later. I like to go back to my personal record runs and see what I wrote about that day. Sometimes I find something like, “Get it, girl.” or “You made that run your bitch.” But other times I find that I recorded how I was feeling and what kept me motivated throughout the run. Keeping track of how I felt when I accomplished a certain personal record gives me motivation to keep running. Here are some examples of some of the notes I’ve written to myself after runs:

photo[2] photo[1] photo

Whatever works best as a reminder of how great being healthy makes you feel, do it! Without the reminder of the amazing things a healthy lifestyle can do for our bodies it’s hard to remember why we are working so hard in the first place. Good luck out there!


2 thoughts on “30 Days: Do it to feel good

  1. I love the notes you add to your runs each time! Great idea. I write if I forget my inhaler sometimes 🙂 haha. I think I am learning that “do it to feel good” is one of my biggest reasons for running. I am a crazy person and not so fun to be around if I’m not going on my regular runs!

    1. It definitely works to just repeat to myself, “Just start running and you’ll feel awesome. You just need to start!” Some days I am so surprised how running changes my mood. Plus it’s cheaper and more legal than drugs 🙂

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