30 Days: My first 10K

Today my motivation is the Cooper River Bridge Run: my first 10K! For those of you from America, 10K is 6.21 miles. I thought I would be really scared about running such a popular race for my first 10K, but I am so pumped. And I could never find better motivation that this.

I mean, I am going to be surrounded by 39,999 other people, most of whom are experienced runners who have already committed themselves to healthy lifestyles. I will be running with (well, behind) people who I admire and who I aspire to be more like. I have no doubt that I will meet people who inspire me and motivate me to keep going.

I really need to keep this motivation in mind when I am getting ready to run today in the pouring rain and the way-too-cold-for-April weather–the type of weather that makes me want to lay in my bed and watch Netflix all day. But I always run better in the rain. I could even beat a personal record today! While I’m on the topic of running in the rain, I figured today would be the perfect day to share what I’ve learned about running in the rain, especially considering this:

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 11.31.07 AM

Things I’ve Learned about Running in the Rain

  1. Even if it’s cold, don’t wear more layers than normal. Your clothing will get soaking wet and make you extremely uncomfortable, so it’s best to just wear the same light clothes you generally wear (or even lighter if possible). I like to wear a quick-dry tank top and long-sleeve layer with running spandex and gloves if it’s cold.
  2. If you’re not so comfortable with raindrops hitting you in the eyeballs, wear a hat. I recommend a dry-fit fishing/hiking/running hat. Baseball caps can get heavy as well.
  3. If you run with an electronic device, I say ditch it for the rain runs. It makes you feel more free and you may enjoy the new experience of just listening to the rain instead of music.
  4. If you are already out with your electronic device and it starts to rain, find a nearby trashcan or recycling bin. Rip off a piece of the trash bag that is hanging over the side of the bin (without taking too much of the essential parts of the bag) and wrap it around your device. Get creative with the folding and stretching. Trash bags are made of the perfect material to protect your device from the rain if you wrap it well enough. You can even fashion a string out of the trash bag if you rip a long, thin piece of it off.
  5. Stuff your running shoes with newspaper right after your run. The newspaper absorbs the water and the shoes should be dry by your next run.
  6. Have fun with it. Jump in puddles, run with your arms wide open, stick your tongue out, just have fun! Running in the rain can feel liberating and so refreshing, so enjoy it while it lasts.

I’ll be sure to post an update (with photos) after my race on Saturday! Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t fall/faint/cry/pee my pants with excitement or terror. 


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