30 Days: Running Tour of America

I am finally coming down from the cloud I have been on after running my first 10K. Since then I have essentially just been Google-ing more races I can run. I have officially made it my goal to run a race (even if it’s just a 5K) in every state in the United States (and Washington, D.C.). I will be keeping track of my progress on a map. Just to provide a visual of how far I have to go:

2 down, 49 to go!
2 down, 49 to go!

My next move will be a 10K (or a half marathon if I’m feeling gutsy) in Washington, D.C. I can kind of kill two birds with one stone (such a graphic phrase) because I get to visit my big brother while I’m up there. The good news is: I also have a brother in central Florida! If I visit both brothers this year that’s two more states! And with a best friend in Arizona and some great friends sprinkled all over the country, I can definitely see myself turning this goal to run all of these races into a goal to finally visit all of the people I haven’t seen in years.

This goal also gives me the opportunity to plan far enough in advance to stay motivated for years to come. I have started to compile a Running Wish List that I hope to add to over the next few months and years. Here is what I have so far:

I have heard that running races gets addicting (and expensive) so I will need to space out these races so I can afford to do things like, you know, eat. I can definitely budget well enough to run the Capitol Hill Classic this summer, the Athens Half Marathon in October, and the Tinker Bell Half in January.


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