30 Days: Waking up motivated

It’s Day 8 of my 30 Days of Motivation. Normally by this time in a new diet, workout routine, class, anything, I have to remind myself to stay focused on the task at hand. I normally get distracted by things that I deem more important than staying committed to a regiment (aka sleep, staying up late to watch Netflix, drinking, crafting). And while I do believe crafting and sleeping are necessary to my health and sanity, I tend to prioritize those over being healthy within a week or so of adding a healthy habit to my life.

Today I simply woke up feeling motivated. It’s a completely new concept, so I don’t quite understand it yet. I thought all day about what was motivating me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

This morning I decided to run 3.5 miles. Well, I really decided to do a one-mile run just to get myself moving. I thought the pollen would slow me down so I essentially planned to fail even at the one-mile run. Once I got a mile in, I just kept running. Then another mile. Then more. I finally hit 3.5 miles and I had to stop. Not because I was exhausted, but because I needed to go home and shower to start my day.

My whole day was so amazing and I maintained my running high all the way through the morning, afternoon, evening, and even to now. I had endless energy and a ridiculously positive attitude. I even rode my bike over to the track at the end of the day to do some speed training and strength exercises. I got to watch the sky turn a beautiful shade of pink while I finished my workout, rode my bike home, and ended my day on a high note.

Today I realized that I have never provided any kind of context for where I’m at physically. In case anyone can relate to my body type, weight, running pace, etc., here are some numbers to give you an idea. Hopefully these numbers will change by the end of this month (fingers crossed!):

  • Current Weight: 160 lb.
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Average Running Pace: 11:24
  • Fastest Mile: 8:07
  • Fastest 5K: 31:52
  • Fastest 10K: 1:08:21
  • Average Mileage Per Day: 2.5 miles

If I haven’t convinced you to start running (or even just moving) by now, then you need to keep reading my posts this month. It’s only up from here!


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