30 Days: Inspiration turned to motivation

I’m almost halfway through my 30 Days of Motivation and I feel confident that I will make it through this month and that I will learn from these 30 Days how best to motivate myself to stay committed to my healthy lifestyle. I have been getting more and more anxious to get to the part of my day where I can get outside and run. I have never had something like this–a reason to get up in the morning, a reason to be excited about my day,  a truly healthy way to unwind and clear my head. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found something that makes me feel so wonderful.

Today I was going to post about something else, and I  still may publish my original post as well. But I came across a story that is so inspirational that I must share it just in case one of you has yet to hear about this. I clicked on a link on a friend’s Facebook wall (thanks, Colette!) that opened up a video of two brothers, Connor and Cayden Long. Their story is captivating and by far the most inspirational I have heard. Connor’s younger brother, Cayden, was born with Cerebral Palsy. The boys’ parents were told that their newborn son would never live a quality life. The Long parents made the first courageous choice in this story: they chose to love Cayden unconditionally and give him the most substantial life possible. Being so close in age, it was sad for Connor to know that he would never be able to play with Cayden the way that brothers traditionally would. But, this family is anything but traditional.

Connor found out about a kid’s triathlon in Nashville and asked his parents if it would be possible to participate in the race–with Cayden. The family figured out the logistics and, after months of training, Conner and Cayden participated in their first triathlon together. After I watched the two videos included on a website featuring a story about Connor and Cayden, I was so overwhelmed by the story. The love that this family has for each other is so deep and so meaningful. The love that Connor has for Cayden is beyond inspirational and it moves me just knowing that people can have hearts as big as theirs.

This story is especially motivational because I can tell that the triathlons that Connor and Cayden participate in have given this family something to bond over and a quality of life that I am sure none of them ever dreamed of. Though my experience is far less extraordinary than the Long family, I feel like running and taking care of myself has improved my quality of life. I feel like I am getting back ten times more than what I’m putting in because of all the additional benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. The Long family’s story has reminded me of the parts of healthy living that I am lucky to be experiencing and that I should remember to appreciate daily: the way I feel every morning, the high I get from running, the people I have met and bonded with, the amazing things I have tried, the physical results, better control of my asthma, I could go on forever.

I will never forget the feeling of inspiration I have running through my bones and emanating through my skin. This type of inspiration is the kind that I can translate directly to motivation. I can learn from the example set by these amazing little boys and use it to better my own life. I will push myself and break my personal boundaries because if I did anything less I wouldn’t be doing any justice to people like Connor and Cayden Long who are put on this earth to make it a better place and to motivate other people to reach their greatest potential.


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