30 Days: Immediate feeling of accomplishment

Today I am running for the sense of accomplishment that fills my body after I run. There are not many activities that you can invest time in and get such an immediate return on your investment. Running is hard work that pays off immediately after (or even during) you do it. College takes four years (or ten, depending on who you are). Scholarships take at least a few months (application process, interview, waiting). Even with a job you have to wait one or two weeks to see the money that you earned from a hard day’s work.

After a run I feel like I have checked a thousand things off of my to-do list. On days that I don’t get to my run, I don’t feel like I have put in a full day (even if it wasn’t on my to-do list). I feel like I missed something and that I didn’t manage my time well enough.

Today is one of those days that I absolutely do not want to run, nor do I feel like I have time. I have been awake since 7am getting shit done (for lack of a better term to describe what I’ve been doing all day). Even though I have crossed almost everything off of my to-do list, I still feel anxious to get a run in so that I feel that inevitable sense of accomplishment. It’s on days like today that I end up bargaining with myself: “If you don’t go on a run before it gets dark you can run the stairs for 20 minutes,” “If you don’t go on a run today you can go on a longer run tomorrow morning.” Bargaining always comes back to bite me in the ass. One perfect example is the bargain I used this morning to get myself out of a run: “If you don’t run this morning you can get more work done and just run later.” Well, it’s “later” and I’m writing this post instead of tying my shoe laces.

I’m going to step away from the computer for a few minutes and see what my body chooses to do: take a three minute nap and finish this post on a sad note OR take three minutes to get dressed and take a 15 minute run just to feel better. Wish me luck.

(Now would be a good time to step away from the computer and go water your plants to cut up an apple for a snack so you can let the suspense build.)

I did it! I went on a run. I was all kinds of ill prepared for it though. I was dehydrated and tired and it wasn’t a great run. But, I set a goal and I followed through with it. Now I have just enough energy to finish up the rest of my to-do’s and then I can finally go to bed (aka watch more of The West Wing).



2 thoughts on “30 Days: Immediate feeling of accomplishment

  1. Our coach gave me and Evan great advice today. We were talking with him about being sad that we missed Wednesday’s early workout (we stayed up too late working on a group project Tuesday night and knew it just wasn’t right for our body to wake up at 4:45 am again). Coach Al talked with us about coming to terms that it is “okay” to miss a workout – don’t let it beat you up. Especially since we all have real jobs that doesn’t include “running”. We were both very glad he invited us to join on Thursday. He ended the conversation with some positive thoughts about running. He said “there is something good about every run” basically encouraging us to find the positive in every run we do, even the hardest ones. It reminds me a lot of your blog this month. I think you will really like him when you meet him Jane! He is so positive and encouraging.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing his advice. I really beat myself up when I miss a run and I need to ease up a little bit. This week I really didn’t have the energy or time to commit to running and I did it anyway. This morning I was going to wake up early and get a run in but I literally couldn’t get up. So, today I will let my body rest and then try again tomorrow. I’ll keep repeating the advice from Coach Al: “It’s okay to miss a workout.”

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