30 Days: Setting new goals

I start a lot of my runs without a goal in mind. Generally I have a decent run, even without any kind of goal to reach. I recently noticed that when I go set a goal I end up running significantly farther, better, faster, etc. (I am aware that this is a “no brainer,” but I never said my college degree made me any smarter).

Today I woke up at 9:15am completely unmotivated and also completely exhausted. My exhaustion is entirely unexplainable. Lately I’ve just been tired. My body is probably telling me something but, as usual, I will ignore it and keep on keepin’ on. I was going to run, but I decided I needed a little nap. Once I started my day I was still exhausted. It’s days like these that I used to choose a(nother) nap over exercise, but I really need to push myself to choose exercise.

I normally set a certain mileage goal when I run so I can beat a friend on Nike Plus (thanks for the motivation through competition, Nike Plus friends). However, since I took off three days from running, I am way behind the people I was previously competing with.

Please allow me to interrupt my own post to say this: I only skipped three days of running, but I feel like I haven’t worked out in years. I also feel a lot of runner’s guilt that I am desperately trying to justify my way out of: “I didn’t have time.” “I was relaxing.” “I deserve a break.” But none of the justifications have been successful and I still feel massive amounts of guilt. 

Since I am too far behing people to move up one place on Nike Plus, I have been trying to come up with another goal I can set that keeps me just as motivated as beating a friend. Today I am going to try setting a “location goal.” I will choose a place pretty far from my apartment and run there and back. I just need to choose somewhere that isn’t surrounded on all sides by giant hills… which may be a difficult task in my city.

I will post again after my run to brag about my fabulous tan from running outside on this beautiful Spring day in Georgia.


3 thoughts on “30 Days: Setting new goals

  1. I’m sorry you are feeling guilt. I know you are anxious to run! Don’t forget Al’s great advice – it’s okay to miss a workout! I’m sure you can catch up to us, this will be a lower(ish) mile week for me 🙂 If you want to come observe/try out our early workout tomorrow (of course it’s REALLY early) let me know! I think it will only be me, Evan, Megan (maybe a few others) and you can meet Coach Al and tell him you are thinking about joining ARR! Just an invite!

  2. UPDATE: I went on the run and it was awesome! I ran faster, longer, and happier. It might have been the beautiful weather, so I can’t blame it entirely on the goal setting. It was nice to have something to run toward though. I mean a physical, recognizable location to get to. Oh, and my watch tan is looking super fine 🙂

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