Happy Earth Day

I haven’t done a “30 Days” post in a few days, but don’t worry. I will be posting one tomorrow. I needed to take today to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day and a very green year. Remember to act sustainably and take care of this glorious globe we all are so lucky to live on.

Also, help make this a “thing”: instead of pinching people on St. Patrick’s Day for not wearing green (maybe the most annoying tradition ever), let’s pinch people every time they aren’t making green choices. See someone using a plastic bottle? Pinch ’em. See a group of people eating out of Styrofoam? Pinch ’em. Watch your friend leave the water on while she’s brushing her teeth? Pinch ‘er.

Okay, even if I can’t make pinching people a thing, I can certainly spread the good word of The Lorax:

Happy Earth Day, friends.
Happy Earth Day, friends.

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