30 Days: Turn your day around

Today was one of those days. Everything I tried to accomplish was, for lack of a better word, a fail. I couldn’t get access to a Webinar I wanted to watch. I made a scheduling mistake with the staff I supervise, and I kept spilling or dropping things. Gravity was really messing with me.

I finally stopped everything I was doing so I could come up with something to turn my day around. I needed something to feel in control again. Last year, I would have given up at that point. I would have gotten back into bed or canceled some meetings or gone to get comfort food to eat in front of the TV. But this morning, none of those thoughts crossed my mind. I just had a flashback to early yesterday morning. Very, very, very early yesterday morning…

I finally joined my friends Chandler, Evan, and Megan at the morning run for the Athens Road Runners. I woke up at 4:45am (you can take a second to let that really sink in) and after the confusion and crankiness wore off I was ready for my first 5:30am run with the infamous Coach Al that my friends kept bragging about. To keep a long, sweaty story short: it was a wonderful experience.

At the end of the workout, Coach Al was giving the group some advice on how to prepare our bodies the week before a race. Megan has been preparing for a half marathon and four of us have 5K’s this weekend. Coach Al recommended rest before a race and I immediately panicked. Did he just say “rest”? Am I supposed to avoid running for two whole days? I’m about to go batshit crazy!

It turns out that Coach Al had an even better definition for “rest”: “Run enough so that you don’t go crazy.” When he asked the group if we understood what he meant, I nodded and felt a huge sense of relief. It has been proven on many occasions during this journey. If I don’t run or do something active each day, I go crazy and feel wildly out of control.

After my flashback I realized that the only thing I needed to do to turn my day around was get outside for a run. I was lucky to have glorious weather and some good tunes. And, what do you know? My day is significantly better! I’m ready to tackle everything on my to-do list (which happens to include a few hours of kayaking down a river!) and conquer this day with a positive attitude.


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