An Inconvenient Trip

There’s nothing like green travel to really test my intelligence, common sense, and patience. This Thursday, I will be embarking on quite possibly the longest route I could take to get to my brother in Annapolis, Maryland. Allow me to confuse you:

I will be getting on bus Thursday at 1pm. That bus will take me on a 4-hour journey to Knoxville, Tennessee. I will be there for about 6 hours — long enough to enjoy dinner with a college friend’s lovely mother, check out a coffee shop, and wait for my bus to arrive. My next bus ride will be an 8-hour journey to Union Station in Washington, D.C. I will spend the day moseying around our nation’s capitol, hopefully meeting up with some old friends. Around 5pm, I will board a train to travel as far east of D.C. as possible. Once I’m as far east as the train will take me, I will be hopping in my brother’s car and finally reach my destination in Annapolis.

Just to clarify, I am traveling for more then 24 hours to travel 924 miles. This would normally take a mere 10 hours by car and about the same to travel by air. But, plane tickets are expensive, I traded my car for a bicycle, and that’s a lot of green guilt that I’d rather live without.

If I hadn’t planned this trip myself, I’d think it was ludicrous. I’m surprised no one has told me how ridiculously dumb this plan is. In fact, I’m quite aware of all the things that make this plan dumb:

  1. I can barely sit still through an hour and 15 minute class.
  2. I am traveling through Knoxville, Tennessee to get to D.C.
  3. I get to D.C. at 7:30a.m. on a Friday… when everyone I know will be doing something they’ve been referring to as “work.”
  4. I am traveling approximately 19 hours longer than the average human being would travel to get from Atlanta to D.C.

But, allow to give you a list of Why This Trip is Actually Awesome:

  1. I only paid $52 round-trip to get to D.C. and back. Try to find a plane ticket, Amtrak ticket, anything that’s cheaper. You won’t. I could barely fill up my gas tank two times with $52. It’s almost like stealing.
  2. I get to see my friend’s mom and she is just lovely.
  3. It’s an adventure.
  4. I get to catch up on tons of reading.
  5. I can sleep on the bus before I get to D.C.
  6. I won’t have any green guilt from this trip.
  7. I will have the whole day on Friday to tour D.C.

Even if you still think it’s dumb, I’ll stick with thinking it’s AWESOME. And if it goes horribly wrong, I will know not to take a trip like this again. Just keep your fingers crossed and pray that I don’t end up sitting next to the smelly kid on the bus.


One thought on “An Inconvenient Trip

  1. I applaud your dedication. If even half the world had your drive and determination it would be a better place to live. Yeah for Jane !
    Love your very proud mother.

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