Megabus Happenings: Green Travel Part 1

I’m at the very end of the greenest trip I could put together to visit my brother in Annapolis, MD and run a race in the DC area. My journey began last Thursday:

The day started with a 20 minute car ride with my Aunt. She was the only one not working and she happened to be heading South toward Atlanta to meet with some friends. She dropped me off at a train station where I hopped on a 30 minute train ride to the area my Megabus was leaving from. I had a lot of time to explore so I walked around, grabbed a falafel (so delicious), and ended up running into an old friend on the street. He spotted me easily because I was walking around an area filled with professional-looking people on lunch break wearing my giant backpacking pack and taking pictures of cool statues. After a quick catch-up it was time to get on my bus.
I sat next to an extremely pleasant woman in a row where we both had about two inches of leg room. Tight, but bearable. After a stop in Chattanooga to drop off some people and replace them with new ones, we were off to Knoxville.

In Knoxville I was lucky enough to arrange a meeting with my friend Dana’s mom. She is just one of the loveliest people on the planet. We spent about an hour touring the city and Carol made sure I was extremely familiar with the safe areas of the city for the next time I’d be back on Monday morning. We saw so much in that hour and I was able to take mental notes of all the places I wanted to go back to later. We had a lovely dinner at a local Knoxville restaurant on Market Square (you really can’t beat grilled cheese with apples in the sandwich). We walked around a little more and then she swooped me up to rest at her gorgeous house. I got the 25 cent tour and then we watched the season finale of American Idol. At around 10:30, Carol and her sweet husband, Cameron, dropped me off right at my bus and I was on my way to DC.

Now this bus ride was a bit of a trial. I miraculously started the journey with no seat buddy. I failed to take advantage of the extra space and decided to read instead of sleep, though I dosed off from time to time (moving vehicle + complete darkness = me snoring and drooling). Everything got fuzzy around 12:30am. I remember a quick stop at A Love’s gas station, picking up more people, and then waking up next to a stranger around 6:30am. Then came the worst part: the crankiest, sleepiest, most miserable jerking bus ride for the last hour and a half… in DC traffic. But then it was over! After exactly 21.5 hours of travel, I made it to the beautiful and wonderful Washington, DC.

In order to make this a normal-sized post, I’ll stop here and pick up my next post where I left off. Suspenseful, I know.

But here’s a photo summary of my lovely day in Knoxville:



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