The Journey Back: Green Travel Part 3

After my much-deserved shower at Barrett’s place, my friend Victor showed up to hang out with us for my last night in DC. After a long day at work, Barrett was in need of a good drink. And, since Victor and I are never ones to protest Happy Hour, we ended up at a restaurant called The Front Page. For the next hour (or maybe longer or shorter… I can’t remember) we celebrated the happiest Happy Hour I have ever participated in.

Our next decision was to keep drinking–naturally. So, we carried all my bags to the Metro station (Really, carried all my bags. Thanks, gentlemen.) and decided to carry on drinking up until the moment I needed to board my bus. Smart, right? It could’ve turned out miserably and I could have ended up missing my bus, but it ended up being spontaneous and really fun.

We found a Ruby Tuesday’s with some good drink specials and made it our goal to get there. We ended up backtracking a lot and walked for about 20 minutes, only to find that Ruby Tuesday was practically demolished. No sign of life inside. But, we found an underground (kind of shady-looking) bar called The Rocket Bar and decided it was a good idea to make that our next stop. Three drinks each later, we were desperately attempting to play a country song from the electronic juke box, playing the worst game of Ski Ball ever, and chatting with a man name Paul who claimed to be a “business man.” It was a great time. A lot of laughing.

So, what’s the next step in a drunk person’s Sunday night? McDonald’s, of course. After a french fry explosion, we hopped in a cap to Union Station. I remember becoming really good friends with the cab driver. We even yelled out that he was “the best cab driver in DC” to every pedestrian we passed after we got out, but I can’t remember why. If you’re looking for him, his name was Laizaar or Danzar, or something with a z in it.

At Union Station, we caused a small scene saying goodbye to each other loudly (in front of a line of people waiting to get on the bus) and then reality set in. I still had a whole day of traveling ahead of me. To avoid the most boring post in the history of blogs, I’ll just summarize my bus ride: it was long and I was really tired when I got to Knoxville for an 8 hour stopover.

I never thought I’d be able to kill 8 hours in Knoxville. Plus, I was really cranky and it was only 7am. I grabbed my bag and took a short walk from the Transit Station to Market Square and spent the next two and a half hours in Cafe 4 drinking delicious coffee and catching up on all the emails I ignored during my trip. I spent another hour or so walking around all the adorable shops that I couldn’t buy anything in and then I stopped by a museum to learn a little bit about the city I had been wandering around. I ended my Knoxville experience with some free live music at the visitor’s center.

After a quick stop at a convenient store to get a snack for the trip home, I walked down to the Transit Station and waited for my bus back. I sat next to a really nice guy on the bus ride home, which kept so busy chatting that I forgot to figure out how to get from the train station to my parent’s house. As we got closer to Atlanta, traffic allowed me the time I needed to figure out my plan: I would get on a train and head North then take a bus from the train station to get as close to my parent’s house as possible. It all worked out in the end (after I got on a really crowded bus, stopped for an emergency pit stop at the Publix I was dropped off in front of, walked 15 minutes toward my parent’s house, and was eventually picked up by my worried mother who thought I had fallen into a ditch somewhere).

When my trip was finally over, I ate everything I could get my hands on, took a shower, and slept for as long as my body would let me. It was a great trip, but exhausting to travel that much!


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