Earth-Loving Locks

I’ll make this post short and sweet (pun intended; you’ll understand at the end of this run-on sentence): I got a new haircut and I want to share why it’s sustainable to have an adorable short hairdo.

I have had long hair ever since I was in control of my own haircuts. I have cut it really short a few times over the last ten years and each time I regret my decision and grow it back as quickly as possible. I’m sure many women… or men with long hair… can relate to the irrational need for long locks. I loved the ease and beauty of my long hair. All I needed to do was wash it and let it air dry and my hair looked exactly how I wanted it to. My hair was–and hopefully still is–part of my personality. I could morph it into any shape, wear it up, wear it down, braid it, straighten it, curl it more, anything. But washing that much hair took time, water, and a lot of shampoo and conditioner.

I had to come to terms with the fact that having long hair is just not sustainable. Too many resources go into caring for long locks, even when I don’t use any chemical products. Yes, I could’ve just continued my baking soda and vinegar routine or purchased sustainable shampoo and conditioner. But, green products can be expensive. And, now that I have a big(ger) girl job where I have to work in an office, I would rather not smell like baking supplies all the time. For this exact time in my life, the best decision seemed to be one I was dreading for a long time: I decided I needed to cut off my hair to really commit to the hippie-dippie, earth-loving lifestyle I claim to live.

The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. Not only was I going to save resources by getting rid of my shampoo-guzzling hair, but I could also give a disadvantaged child a really beautiful wig through Locks of Love. Plus, I am unreasonably impulsive at times. When my mom came to visit, she and I had some free time. I decided it was time and about an hour later, I was about a foot of hair short (pun intended again) and overwhelmed with excitement about my donation and my new “do.”

I’m still trying to figure out this hair length (it’s the shortest my hair has ever been since I was a little girl), but it’s a fun adventure. I already love that I only have to use a tiny drop of shampoo and blow drying my whole head only takes five minutes (plus I get a great arm workout). Though it’s a tiny amount of resources that I am ultimately saving, every little bit helps. Plus, it all comes down to the fact that I had a whole head of hair that someone else needed more.

I encourage all of you with long hair to think about making a donation. Your hair will certainly grow back and it’s nice to have short hair every once in a while. Happy Hair Cutting, readers!

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some cheesy photos for you:

Before and after along with an awkward shot of the hair they cut off to send to Locks of Love
Before and after along with an awkward shot of the hair they cut off to send to Locks of Love

3 thoughts on “Earth-Loving Locks

  1. With a face like that it doesn’t matter what length your hair is. You are beautiful inside and out.
    Love your biggest fan- MOM

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