Stitch Fix #2 Review

To celebrate the end of my third semester of grad school, I ordered a second fix from Stitch Fix! So, ladies and other ladies, allow me to review it!

First of all, here’s a look at what I got.

It all came in this glorious little box
It all came in this glorious little box.

If you want more details on what came with the clothing, check out my first review.

And here’s what was inside:

41Hawthron Ryan Chevron Knit Infinity Scarf (Initial Thoughts: Perfect colors!) $38.00
41Hawthron Ryan Chevron Knit Infinity Scarf
(Initial Thoughts: Perfect colors!)
Ezra Mack Tribal Print Split-Neck Blouse (Initial Thoughts: Be mine, new shirt) $58.00
Ezra Mack Tribal Print Split-Neck Blouse
(Initial Thoughts: Be mine, new shirt)
Renee C Jemdy Lurex Dolman Sleeve Top (Initial Thoughts: Ooo. Shiny.) $58.00
Renee C Jemdy Lurex Dolman Sleeve Top
(Initial Thoughts: Ooo. Shiny.)
Angie Wes Striped 3/4 Sleeve Knit Dress (Initial Thoughts: Where do my shoulders go?) $58.00
Angie Wes Striped 3/4 Sleeve Knit Dress
(Initial Thoughts: Where do my shoulders go?)
41Hawthorn Violet Ponte Pencil Skirt (Initial Thoughts: How did Stitch Fix know my fave shade of green?) $68.00
41Hawthorn Violet Ponte Pencil Skirt
(Initial Thoughts: How did Stitch Fix know my fave shade of green?)

The scarf was an easy decision. Even though it was cute, the texture was funky (Are you wool? Are you polyester?). And it came down to either buying this scarf or doing any of the following:

  • Going out to dinner and drinks with my girlfriends two times
  • Paying for a week of groceries
  • Buying myself ten items at a thrift store
  • Going to the movies six times (our tickets are still very cheap)
  • Buy $38 worth of wine because it’ll keep me as warm as the scarf did.

So, no thanks to the scarf. That list above looks like a better use of my cash money.

The first item I tried on was the red top.

Selfie time!
Selfie time!

This is one of those shirts that makes me feel skinny, so it was an obvious YES. So, what was the problem? It came with quite the obvious stain on it.

Not so cute.
Not so cute.

I immediately tweeted at Stitch Fix and followed their advice to send an email to customer service.

Another successful Twitter customer service experience
Another successful Twitter customer service experience

Though I was impressed with their response (both on Twitter and view email), I wish I could have called a customer service number to speak to a human directly. Though most business is handled online for many companies now, I would have personally benefited from asking my questions online.

(I ended up sending the top back to get an exchange. I’m looking forward to getting the new one!)

So, I continued shopping in my living room. I tried on the shiny top next.

Do I wear it like this?
Do I wear it like this?
Or this?
Or this?

Needless to say, I was confused by this shirt. It’s made with almost as much fabric as my curtains, but still doesn’t have enough room for my big girl hips. It’s tight and loose at the same time. I wanted this to work out, but I think I’m going to have to say NO to the super shiny curtain shirt.

Then came this situation:

Sassy dress pose
Sassy dress pose

Cute right? It even looks nice from the side.


I would have said “yes to this dress” immediately if it weren’t for…

... way too much shoulder showing
… way too much shoulder showing

And it’s not just the amount of skin showing (totally inappropriate for the office), but it’s also the fact that I would have to wear a strapless bra with this dress. With my strapless bra on, the dress stretched across my bust in a way that made the dress look like it was clinging for dear life. Not exactly an area I need/want to draw attention to in that way. So, even though it really is comfy and nice in the body, I am not adventurous enough to show that much skin. Aka, NO.

Last, but not least, was the deep green pencil skirt. Going into this, I was very scared about what would happen. Pencil skirts normally make my lower half look like encased meat, so I wasn’t excited about feeling bad about myself.

Not so bad, huh?
Not so bad, huh?

But then I put it on and I was surprised! It didn’t fit perfectly, but it looked nice. And my ass actually fit in the skirt!

Oh hey, girl.
Oh hey, girl.

I could definitely see myself wearing this, but it just wasn’t as comfortable as I wanted it to be. Not to mention, the pockets were very oddly placed. Oh, and when I say “pockets,” I mean one single pocket with a zipper on either side–hoodie style. Why is that a thing? I decided the skirt was a NO.

The last bit of my review will focus on how well the ladies at Stitch Fix listened to my feedback from my first fix. In the little note I received from my stylist, I could tell they tried. Here’s what it said:

“Hi Jane! Thanks for the feedback and I hope you love your fix today. I did my best to fulfill all of your requests but unfortunately, some pieces were unavailable…”

Here’s my issue: if some items were “unavailable,” why wouldn’t I get contacted to say Stitch Fix was low on inventory so I had the option to reschedule my fix for another time? It seemed odd that she openly admitted it, but I guess I should be grateful for honesty? No, wait. Stitch Fix isn’t my boyfriend. It’s a company that should be covering its ass. The honesty was actually unnecessary. The note goes on:

“… I did include cute tops that will fit your bust, a skirt, and a dress. Have fun trying everything on and I look forward to your feedback. XO…”

How sweet is she? I really appreciated her references to my feedback. Not only did she reference it, but the Stitch Fix team actually did send shirts that fit over my bust. It wasn’t as frustrating to try on the clothes this time because, even though they didn’t all fit the way I’d like, they all fit. The Stitch Fix team really did take my feedback into consideration and this fix was much more appropriate for my size. So, way to go Stitch Fix. But, next time, don’t be so honest about how I got the short end of the stick on inventory.

Overall experience of my second fix: GREAT! I wish I could have loved every item, but I still got a great top and a great experience out of it! I encourage you to check out Stitch Fix and let me know how it goes!


9 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #2 Review

  1. Well, here’s what I have to say about Stitch Fix. ITS WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for the quality of the items. You can go to Loft or Banana Republic and get the same for much less. There are too many shops to shop in to have such expensive items sent to you and have them stained. Not a good sign of the quality control of the company. I also think the quality of the clothes is lacking. Example-the striped dress had mismatched stripes on the sides. A Pop-Pop no no.
    My suggestion- pick a few stores, go in and try things on to get your correct size and frequent those stores only. It will cut back on the anxiety of shopping!!
    Hope this advice eases your shopping woes.
    Love MOM

    1. I know, right?! I have been using it as a way to communicate with companies mostly. It’s really effective! I should probably start using it for personal use also, but I keep forgetting it exists until a problem like this arises.

  2. I’m just curious, how was this a “great” experience? You sent most of the stuff back and several of the items confused you. I just got my 2nd fix–everything in my first fix looked like a 70 year old woman should be wearing it. I gave frank & honest feedback and even included a link to my Pinterest “style” board, and the stuff they sent this time was only marginally better than the first fix. I’m very disappointed and don’t plan on using Stitch Fix again.

    1. Hi there! I totally understand what you’re saying about not having such a “great” experience. I guess what you need to understand is that this was my first delivery box trial. I have never done any of the other ones and thought this would be neat to try. For me, even though all the clothes didn’t fit perfectly or match my style/budget, I still did have a great experience because I tried something new. To be fair, the experience wasn’t perfect. But I like to stay positive and see every experience as something that contributes something positive. The positive contribution here was just the experience–not the clothes. Although the two shirts (total) I did keep are AWESOME. So, at least there’s that. I know describing it as a “great” experience was a misleading. I can definitely relate to you about it not being perfect. I honestly just think they were not prepared for the volume of customers they got recently and they ended up letting certain clients fall by the wayside. Not cool, Stitch Fix!

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