My lovely friend, Veronica, nominated me for the #5noteschallenge through her amazing website, milagrosmoments.com. This challenge is just the activity I needed to practice my self care on this fine Sunday morning.

The challenge has 4 simple steps:

  1. Make 5 Post-it notes (one for each item below):
    #1 Make note of 3 things you’re thankful for
    #2 Make note of a couple accomplishments you’re most proud of
    #3 Scribble down something you’re looking forward to
    #4 Write down a favorite memory that makes you feel good
    #5 Write down the name of a hero you admire
  2. Place the notes where you’ll see them
    Make sure they actually serve as a daily reminder–put them in a spot you see regularly (i.e., bathroom mirror or fridge).
  3. Share them
    Take a shameless mirror selfie and share it with #5noteschallenge.
  4. Get your friends involved
    Challenge 5 people to do the same.  I’m proud of my #5notechallenge, but I can’t wait to see what my lovely friends have to say! I’m challenging my incredibly intelligent and good looking friends: Jake, Sarah, George, Robyn, Ariella, Lauren, and Jessica.

Sorry, not sorry. Seven is my lucky number and I am too indecisive to narrow down my selections. Good luck to those I challenged and for everyone else, try it and nominate your friends too!

Here’s my #5notechallenge for your viewing pleasure (shameless mirror selfie included):

Can't wait to wake up to this every morning!
Can’t wait to wake up to this every morning!



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