I discovered how to make a countdown, y’all.

In a moment of utter procrastination and panic over this Ph.D. I’m working on (oh, yeah… I’m working on a Ph.D.), I started planning out the next two years on this desperate document called “PhD Plan of Attack: The most Type A way of getting through the next two years.” The document basically outlines how many classes I have left on my program of study–which, by the way, is only one and I couldn’t be happier about that–, how I can prepare for my written and oral comps, when I need to code data, and when I’m going to write my dissertation. You know, just little things.

All of a sudden, I also had the urge to find out exactly how many days I had ahead of me until people have to call me Dr. Diener. And by “people” I really just mean anyone who gives me attitude and tries to address me as “Ms.” I looked up my hopeful graduation day–and let me just emphasize the “hopeful” part. May 13, 2016. That doesn’t seem too far away, right? Well, at this very moment, it’s 613 days away. 613! The number of commandments. In 613 days, new fashion trends will emerge (fingers crossed for less crop tops). In 613 days, I will make new friends, go on at least one date (setting the bar low, people), go on at least one is-this-or-is-this-not-a-date?, rearrange my furniture a minimum of 20 times, and probably go on at least three really awesome vacations. It’s only two New Year’s Eves away. Two birthdays. Two football seasons. For some reason, 613 doesn’t seem so bad when I think about all of that.

So, I created a countdown. And for those of you who know me, it’s less impressive that I’m finding a reason to count down and more impressive that I found a way to code this into my blog. Here’s my countdown, people! Let’s all just collectively pray–to a higher power, to a tree, to Oprah, to whomever or whatever we pray to–that this time goes quickly and it’s all worth it in the end when I can make people who piss me off address me as “Dr. Diener.”

Note: this countdown does not seem to work on mobile devices. 


2 thoughts on “I discovered how to make a countdown, y’all.

  1. I always wanted a doctor in the family. I have full confidence that you will fulfill your commitment with the same you tackle everything- FULL SPEED AHEAD.
    Dr. Diener sounds pretty good to me. You make me proud everyday.
    Love Mom

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