Who wears short shorts?

Chub rub. Chafing. Thigh interaction. Thigh snuggling. No matter what you call it, the awful rubbing of your legs when you exercise is the absolute worst. In fact, it sucks when I’m not exercising too. Of course, there are tons of little tricks people use to avoid the terrible touch of one thigh to another. My favorite were bike shorts underneath dresses and/or baby powder to make the rubbing a little more… friendly? Okay, maybe I’m getting a little too graphic with this.

When it comes to chaffing during running, sticking to capri-length running spandex was my quick solution to avoid discomfort during a run. Spandex are definitely cozy and they make my butt look spectacular, but I was always jealous of the girls who could wear those short running shorts instead. Especially in 95-degrees and 100% humidity, I just wanted to rip my spandex off and run around in shorty shorts. So, I always said to myself that if I ever lost a significant amount of weight, I’d try running in my short shorts.

After 3 months of consistent running and healthy eating, I’ve lost 3.3% body fat and I shaved off more than a minute of my running pace. All of my clothes are big on me and I am starting to see numbers on the scale that look completely unfamiliar. So, who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts! I still prefer my spandex, but on those scorching hot days I no longer have to worry about being trapped in hot, black spandex. Personal victory!

sustainableinthesouth on Instagram
They are so kind and so quick to respond to questions. I love me some good customer service!

A lady’s got to have smooth legs if she’s going to run around town in shorts, right? Well, I suppose it’s every woman’s choice. I just happen to be one of those women who cannot stand hair on my legs. Call me vain. Call me anti-feminist. Sorry, folks. I just really like the way my smooth legs feel. I was getting pretty tired of the waste associated with all my leg-shaving needs. I gave up shaving cream so long ago that I can’t remember the last time I used shaving cream. I just use soap or water… conditioner for more sensitive areas like my underarms. My razors are expensive and they dull quickly and I throw away the cartridge after use. So much green-guilt from completely throwing something away without letting it cycle back in some way.

So, I found this company called preserve. I follow them on Instagram and I basically want everything they post. I asked them about razors and they responded promptly with a kind and detailed comment (to the left, to the left).




preserve products razor
My happy new preserve razor



I was so excited about this company that I walked up to Earth Fare today and purchased my first preserve triple razor.

I love so much about this razor. The packaging says a lot about the integrity of the product. One of the first things I was drawn to was the phrase “Made with love and RECYCLED yogurt cups.” First of all, adorable. Second, that’s such a great idea! Why don’t more companies use something so plentiful and commonly wasted to make products we need? I mean this could potentially be made out of yogurt cups that I recycled (unlikely, I know)! The back of the package provides a little more detail, indicating that the yogurt containers are from Stonyfield products (another environmentally-friendly company). The back of the package also tells consumers that the product was made without animal testing, it is BPA free, and the package can be reused as a travel case. All good things. One of my favorite parts of the package is not what’s written on it, but its sheer simplicity. I don’t need all the frills of the razors I used to buy. It doesn’t need to be wrapped in ten layers of plastic. Preserve keeps it simple. By removing the cap to the box, I can take the razor out. One step process, people.

The cost was also completely reasonable. Most razors cost anywhere from $5 – $10 for one razor and maybe one replacement cartridge. My preserve razor cost $7.99 for one ready-to-go razor and one replacement cartridge. I definitely don’t feel like I paid much more than I would for the generic razors I bought in five-packs. And the preserve razor comes green-guilt free!

I can’t wait to share more thoughts on how this razor does longterm. For now, check out preserve products and see if there are any that you need in your life. I promise you won’t be able to look at their website without wanting to try something!



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