Minimal-ish Packing: Results

As an update to my post about my attempt to pack light for my trip to the SXSW Eco conference, here is a photographic display of what I actually wore and what items ended up being “extra” during my trip.

Packing Light
What I wore or used on my 5 day trip to Atlanta and Austin


Packing Light
What I didn’t end up using or wearing… I think I went a little overboard on packing undies

Hopefully my travel bag will continue to get lighter and lighter as I practice packing minimally. Any good advice on how to pack light for short to long trips? I’d love to hear tips and tricks from others!


2 thoughts on “Minimal-ish Packing: Results

  1. Have you not read my book? There’s a whole section on packing and using color coordinated clothes to minimize the excess!!!
    Although packing advice may not be where my best travel tips are, I am certainly a pro when it comes to making the most out of what I select to bring. You know how much I love to “Toss My Panties”

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