50 Piece Wardrobe Recap

I am proud to say that my one month trial of my 50 piece wardrobe went well! First, let me recount all the times I cheated on those 50 pieces by adding new pieces:

  • January 31: I added a cute necklace and some heels to my Little Black Dress to dress it up for a gala
  • February 15: I added a crochet top to make my Valentine’s Day outfit special
  • February 19: I wore a different jacket because I kind of forgot about my own rules
  • February 24: I switched to black boots because they had better treads than my brown boots and we were expecting snow*
  • February 25: I wore my hiking boots because we were still expecting snow*
  • Pretty much every day: I wore exercise clothing out in public because I was too lazy to change back into regular clothes

*It never snowed.

My little addition to the Little Black Dress (and a photo with some of my oldest and most lovely friends, Melissa and Jessica)
My little addition to the Little Black Dress (and a photo with some of my oldest and most lovely friends, Melissa and Jessica)
The smaller of the two closets in my apartment was all I needed to store every article of clothing I wore for a month. I love how easy it was to access everything. I only went into my larger closet a few times this month!
The smaller of the two closets in my apartment was all I needed to store all of clothing I wore for a month. I love how easy it was to access everything. I only went into my larger closet a few times this month!

I’m happy with how the last 30 days went. I wore every item at least once and there were some items that I probably wore three or four times a week (not gross if I also washed them). I could have done a little better of a job choosing weather appropriate clothing, but I had a temperature range between 12 and 70 degrees over the last 30 days, so even in retrospect I don’t know what I would do differently. I learned a lot about myself and I’d like to share some of those lessons with you:

Lessons Learned from my 50 Piece Trial:

  1. Getting dressed was a million times easier. I rarely had “I have nothing to wear” fits and when I did, it was more because I hadn’t done laundry and I actually didn’t have clean pants. I knew what clothes I could choose from, so I picked clothes that matched and checked the weather to make sure I had enough layers on and that was that. It was so much more simple than going through an entire closet of clothes–some that fit, some that don’t–to find the perfect outfit.
  2. I have a new definition of “the perfect outfit.” Before, I wanted my outfits to feel perfect for the occasion and the weather and how I was feeling and whether it was a “fat day.” Now, the perfect outfit is more about practicality. I ask myself a series of non-body-image related questions while I’m getting dressed. Is this weather appropriate? Can I wear it all day without having to change for certain meetings or events? Do I have to dress it up with a necklace or nice sweater? Is it comfortable?
  3. I look in the mirror less. This is my favorite lesson learned. I already know what every piece looks like on me, so I really only check the mirror to make sure it still fits the same (I don’t know why it wouldn’t) and I’m all set. I love knowing that I can just throw on pieces that I already know look and feel nice, and I don’t have to waste time adjusting anything or standing in front of my mirror for too long.
  4. When my options are limited, I am a lot more creative. I put pieces together that I normally wouldn’t and it was kind of cool. I liked trying new things with clothing I already had. I’m not sure if everything matched, but I did it anyway.
  5. No one would ever notice, even if I wore the same outfit every day. People don’t tend to notice what other people wear. And if they do notice, do you think they’d really have a problem with someone repeating an outfit? I know I wouldn’t care.
  6. I could definitely have a 50 piece “capsule” wardrobe for each season. Hell, I could even have a 20 piece wardrobe. I just need to have really great pieces for every season and some cute accessories (scarves and necklaces and earrings, oh my!) to spice things up!
  7. I need different shoes. This is going to be a long research process (because shoes are freaking expensive). I want to find shoes that really go with everything. I thought I had found that in my black Keds, but they are certainly not warm enough for winter. I also have awesome, simple brown boots. But if it snows, I slide all over the place in them. You get the idea. I just need more shoes. I will follow up on this one when I find the right pair. And yes, this is a very serious lesson learned because every lady knows how important shoes are.

So where do I go from here?

I am traveling a lot over the next month and I will be in all sorts of different weather. So, the plan is to pack a very small bag of clothing and accessories for each of those trips. After I finish all my travels, I will hopefully have some time to make the final purge and get rid of all the remaining items that I discovered I don’t actually need.

After that, I really want to stop accumulating and starting refining. I want to have a reliable and simple wardrobe with a small amount of quality items. I will be sure to keep y’all updated on the next few months, as they are going to be crucial to my future as a Minimum Minimalist.

With all my trips coming up, I could use some tips. What do y’all do to minimize what you travel with?


8 thoughts on “50 Piece Wardrobe Recap

  1. For me when I travel I minimise by colour so I first take into consideration what I’m travelling for (work/pleasure) and then what I will need to do in these clothes (sitting in a conference to hiking) and then I actually use colour to make sure that everything goes with everything! So we recently (last week) went to Paris for four days and I went with three tops, two bottoms and one dress (for going out) had a pair of walking shoes for during the day and a fun but still comfy pair for the evening, two sweaters and that was that! That’s just 10 pieces overall which for hardcore Project 333 might be a lot but for me it worked really well my colours were denim, black, pink and purple 🙂 worked really well made far easier with the help of my day to day capsule! 🙂 Sorry that I rambled, good luck on your journey! The only other tip I would offer is lay it all out on your bed and make sure you can wear everything with everything, no one off pieces! 🙂

    lovely thoughts, Jess xo

    1. That’s such a great tip! I am so guilty of taking pieces that only go with one thing and that’s definitely a waste. Thanks for sharing your story! I am totally jealous of your trip to Paris! Seems like you packed light and still had everything you needed. I’m getting ready for a trip over to Los Angeles and I hope to do the same. I’m packing tomorrow and I’m excited to fit everything in a small bag 🙂

      1. Ah awesome! It really took me having this capsule wardrobe to travel easier although when we went to India last year I had only been doing my first capsule for 6 weeks and that was one seriously messy packing hehe! Have an awesome time! I hope your doing something fun! Xo

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