Diva Cupdate

Early in my blogging days, I posted about my experience with the Diva Cup. Four years later, my Diva Cup and I are so happy together. I thought I’d provide a Diva Cupdate for those of you who missed my first post and are looking for a way to make the most awkward time of every month a little more green.

Let me start by saying this: I am 100% satisfied with my Diva Cup and I recommend it to everyone with a vagina. Oh, yea. I’ll probably write “vagina” at least one more time in this post, so just deal with it. Simply put, the Diva Cup is more effective, comfortable, and affordable than any other product. I’m sure other menstrual cups are similar, so don’t write off other brands. Just know that the cup is where it’s at!

Speaking from a financial perspective, the Diva Cup is even more affordable than I originally thought. In 2011, I wrote that I could save $90 a year. To be honest, I use my Diva Cup for about two years instead of the recommended one year. My period doesn’t last long and I take really great care of the cup (proper cleaning and storage). So I’m saving even more money by not replacing it.

From an environmental perspective, I couldn’t be happier. There’s not much more to say on this–it’s just an amazing product for someone who doesn’t want to be wasteful. I don’t throw away any wrappers, use sheets and sheets of toilet paper, or buy new products every month. I feel really great about my vagina’s environmental impact (okay, that was the last mention of the “v-word”).

In my original post, I said I’d never use tampons or pads again unless the pads were reusable. Using the Diva Cup opened me up to another great product: the Luna Pad. This reusable, washable pad is a fantastic alternative to one-use pads, for those of you who are uncomfortable with the idea of a menstrual cup. I like to use them together, alternating when I don’t feel like I need the cup on lighter days or when I forget the Diva Cup and only have my pad with me. I have an adorable polka dot print on mine and the pad just snaps around my undies and stays in place pretty well. I will say that I wish it stayed put a little better, but I don’t use the Luna Pads often enough to have serious concerns about them.

My experience with sustainable alternatives to pads and tampons has been exceptional. To reflect on the last four years, here are some superlatives:

Only the Diva Cup can help me do this while on my period with no leaks or weird discomfort.
Only the Diva Cup can help me do this while on my period with no leaks or weird discomfort.

Diva Cup Superlatives

Proudest Moment: Sharing information about the Diva Cup with some high school students I was working with at a summer program. I love telling people about the Diva Cup, but it’s especially wonderful to share with young people who can start reducing their period impact from a younger age. I used tampons and pads for almost 10 years before I made the switch, so I am happy to get people on board with the menstrual cup and reusable pad as early in life as possible.

Most Awkward Moment: Dropping my Diva Cup in the toilet. This has happened a few times and it’s always awkward and weird and the worst.

Most Exciting Moment: Taking an international flight while on my period and not having to worry about changing my downstairs situation.

Most Unexpected Moment: When I achieved an awesome acroyoga pose without any leaks. Go Diva Cup!

Funniest Moment: The Diva Dance. This is how I adjust my Diva Cup when it’s not positioned perfectly. It’s a popular move for those ladies who use a menstrual cup and don’t put it in perfectly all the time. The dance consists of me rotating my pelvis around in a circle (with my hands on my hips to make it look even more ridiculous) to give the cup some room to expand and fall into the right place. Every once in a while I can feel it pop into place and it’s strange and slightly confusing. This dance is 100% effective and 100% awesome.


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