50 Piece Winter Wardrobe

Last January, I put together my first 50 Piece Wardrobe. It went really well and I have really missed the simplicity of it. I just rearranged all my clothing, and I’m ready for another capsule wardrobe! This time, I’m going to increase from 30 days to 50 days. I will wear the clothing I select through February (unless something goes terrible wrong or right with my goals to slim down a little).

Last year, I faced some pretty bizarre weather situations and I don’t expect anything different this time around. Just this week, I have a range between 26 and 57 degrees. So, I tried to incorporate some versatile pieces that I can wear in a wide range of temperatures.

During my last capsule wardrobe trial, I also learned that I did not have weather appropriate shoes. Due to laziness and a general lack of interest in shoe shopping, I have not acquired any new shoes. I included a “wildcard” piece in my 50-piece count to make sure I have the option to buy a new pair of shoes depending on what goes down with this bizarre Georgia “winter.”

I’m really proud of this group of clothes. I have been working to replace some of my dingy clothing with versatile, quality pieces I can wear almost year-round. Those pieces make up the bulk of my capsule.

Before I tell you what I included in my capsule, I want to give a completely unsolicited shoutout to The LOFT. Of my 50 pieces, 17 of them are from the LOFT. That store is full of soft, comfy, stylish clothes and it’s really difficult for me to go one day without wearing something from there. I have some curves and bumps around my body and I can always count on pieces from the LOFT to make me feel confident and stylish. If you’re looking for a good place to find staple pieces for your wardrobe, stop by the LOFT or look for some of their clothes at your local thrift shops.

Without further adieu…

50 Piece Winter Wardrobe

tops: three sweaters (white, grey, & black), one red top (va-va-voom), one lace top, four more casual tshirts, & one black tank


dressies: one long-sleeved black dress, one sleeveless black dress, one burgundy sweater dress, & one cocktail dress (just in case)


cardigans: grey, purple (x2), dark green, & black


bottoms: dark skinnies, lighter skinnies, green courds, & a nice-ish black skirt (also just in case)


accessories: five pairs of earrings, three necklaces, a few of my favorite rings, three scarves, a hat, & gloves


coats: peacoat, two snow/cold rain jackets, one regular rain jacket, & one puffy jacket (I have a coat problem)


shoes: brown boots, dark grey booties, black keds, & heels (that I probably won’t wear)


wildcard: we will see what goes in this spot… I have one “free” item I can add (I will assume it’s going to be some kind of weather-appropriate shoe)


workout clothes, pajamas, undergarments, & socks

= 50 Piece Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I look forward to sharing an update at the end of February! Is anyone else using a capsule wardrobe this season? What are some pieces you can’t live without?


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