Life Updates (Spoiler: I’m Dr. Diener!)

Oh hello, Internet. Apparently my MO is to do a cool, sassy update and then re-abandon my blog. Rest assured: I abandoned for a good reason–well, multiple good reasons!

In my post from February 2017, I provided a pretty length update about what I’d been up to during an accidental year-long hiatus from blog writing. I shared some photos of my apartment, wrote about trying to budget and eat like a damn grown-up (jury’s still out on whether or not either of those will ever happen).

But since then life has… changed–a lot! In 7 months, I wrapped up my Ph.D. and got a new job. In Rhode Island! How’s that for an update, huh?

“That’s Dr. Diener”

Dr. Diener
This is my “smile through the pain” face right before I began my presentation.

Yeah, so I’ve had some trouble coming to the realization that I am no longer “Ms. Diener.” The week after I successfully defended my dissertation and added those sweet three letters to my email signature, I was also directing an academic program for high school students from all over the world. I thought that would be a safe environment to test out my new title. So, I told the students they could call me “Dr. D.” The only problem was that when they needed to get my attention, and called me by the name I provided, I wouldn’t respond.

Students: “Dr. D… Dr. D…. Dr. D! DR. D!”

Me: *ignores all background noise because teenagers are always loud*

Students: “Jane!”

It’s like when your mom won’t respond to you so you call out her first name, causing everyone to judge you for disrespecting your mother. Expect the students didn’t feel bad and they were really just asking when we were going to eat next.

My amazing friend, Robyn, who hosted me for post-defense/interview celebrations!

Things Smart People Do: Schedule a Dissertation Defense and Out-of-State Job Interview in the Same Week

Because I hate sleep and don’t want myself to ever have a moment to breathe, I decided it would be a good idea to apply for an out-of-state job while I was finishing up my Ph.D. It was one of those situations that couldn’t be avoided–I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to apply for one job in particular and I also really wanted to finish my Ph.D. It had been five years and I was ready to end the part-time-student-full-time-job schtick. So I defended my dissertation on June 6 and did an on-campus interview on June 9. On June 10, I fell asleep on my friend’s floor and one of her friends put a couch cushion underneath me.

It all worked out for the best because my defense went very well, I ended up getting an amazing job, and I found out that my friend’s floor is an ideal place for a nap.

Sustainable in the South No More

Seafood Festival
Robyn and I checking out the Rhode Island Seafood Festival, which happened to be a 20 minute walk from my new apartment. That’s lobster. On fries.

What am I supposed to do about this blog now that I’ve moved? I’m a Southern girl (who was really born in New Jersey and raised 1/2 in Florida 1/2 in Georgia) who now lives in Providence, Rhode Island. A small city in our nation’s smallest state. Sustainable In The Smallest State doesn’t have the same ring to it, so I’ll stick with my original name and just assume the 4 – 7 people who read this blog won’t mind much.

Thank you to my beautiful Momma (aka Barbara, aka Babs, aka Shmoo) for traveling up to Rhode Island with me and not hating me for having a cold during more than half of our vacation.

I’m so excited to share trials and tribulations of my experience in Rhode Island. I don’t know much about this state, but in the short time I’ve been here I can already tell I’m going to like it. The people are kind, the weather is beautiful, and the food is delicious. What more could a girl ask for?

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon!


9 thoughts on “Life Updates (Spoiler: I’m Dr. Diener!)

  1. Dr. Diener,
    Whether you are Sustainable in the South or in the smallest state, you will also be my baby girl who has achieved so much. You deserve all the best on the new job and have worked very hard to be where you are. Never doubt the power of your positive influence on the world and your family.

    Your bright smile and sweet nature are who you are, with an added belly full of lobster fries. We couldn’t be more proud parents and know that you will be happy in your new home. Brown University is lucky to have you.

    Conquer Rhode Island, Dr. Diener.
    Love Mom, one of your avid readers!

  2. I love reading your Blog , no matter what its called. You make me laugh. Your style of writing is hilarious and I can hear your voice when reading.
    You’ll fit is wherever you go, Northern/Southern, Florida girl. Dr. Diener is amazing.

  3. Really enjoyed you humor and could feel the nap on the floor – hah! And congrats by the way! On the PhD – the job – and the decision to keep the blog going – hope it unfolds for you naturally -and I just signed up to follow so looking forward to connecting – but always go at a pace that matches your needs – I have seen bloggers overdo it and that is missing the point (IMHO)

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