Life Updates (Spoiler: I’m Dr. Diener!)

Oh hello, Internet. Apparently my MO is to do a cool, sassy update and then re-abandon my blog. Rest assured: I abandoned for a good reason–well, multiple good reasons! In my post from February 2017, I provided a pretty length update about what I’d been up to during an accidental year-long hiatus from blog writing. I shared some photos of my apartment, wrote about trying … Continue reading Life Updates (Spoiler: I’m Dr. Diener!)

SXSW Eco | Austin, TX (Trigger warning: this post is mostly about food)

    After my initial feelings of being eco-verwhelmed with the incredible presentations and conversations I was lucky enough to be a part of at SXSW Eco, I calmed down to be able to simply enjoy my experience and soak in as much as possible. This trip was chock full of lessons in sustainability, little green nuggets that I immediately stored in my mushy brain … Continue reading SXSW Eco | Austin, TX (Trigger warning: this post is mostly about food)

Human Interactions on the Megabus

Though your Megabus fate is ultimately determined by the quality and smell of the amenities on your particular bus, the people have a lot to do with how pleasant your ride is. There are many ways in which you may end up interacting with human beings while you’re on your Mega-journey. The following run-down of people and situations you may encounter are all based off real Megabus … Continue reading Human Interactions on the Megabus

7,000 Miles of Megabus Amenities

After giving away my car in October 2012, I became a frequent Megabus rider. Megabus is a thrifty way to travel. It’s dirt cheap to hop on a bus that can take me all over the east coast. I would tell you more about it, but if you’re reading this post you’re clearly capable of using Google to look it up. As of late, I … Continue reading 7,000 Miles of Megabus Amenities

These are feet

A few years ago when I was working at a summer camp in Israel teaching English the other volunteers and I created a lesson plan around the popular song, “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” One brilliant, wildly advanced camper came up to us shortly after the program and said confidently, “These are feet.” It was simple and matter-of-fact, but quite possibly one of the deepest … Continue reading These are feet