I’m back! And here’s what I’ve been up to…

Why yes, it has been one year since my last blog post. If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning, you know that I’m not the most consistent blogger in the world. I try to put out quality posts (says the girl who once wrote a post called “People with no friends make me sad” and another called “Chicken fried waste“) that truly reflect where … Continue reading I’m back! And here’s what I’ve been up to…

Dumb Phone Challenge Recap

I may be a millennial, but I think I’d survive without a smart phone. I spent all of January doing a Dumb Phone Challenge where I only used my phone for calling, texting, and a few other features. It went really well and I can honestly say I learned a lot from it. I don’t know how long it takes to form a habit–some say a … Continue reading Dumb Phone Challenge Recap

Diva Cupdate

Early in my blogging days, I posted about my experience with the Diva Cup. Four years later, my Diva Cup and I are so happy together. I thought I’d provide a Diva Cupdate for those of you who missed my first post and are looking for a way to make the most awkward time of every month a little more green. Let me start by saying this: … Continue reading Diva Cupdate

Product Review: Fat and the Moon Deodorant Cream

I am always trying to reduce the amount of chemicals I put on and in my body. I have tried the baking soda and vinegar shampoo method, paraben free products, homemade chapstick, etc. Nothing really holds my attention long, but it’s normally because when it’s time to buy more shampoo I’ve already forgotten what product I used by the time I get from my apartment … Continue reading Product Review: Fat and the Moon Deodorant Cream

50 Piece Wardrobe

If my life looked anything like my Pinterest Boards, I would be the coolest freaking human alive. I would cook the most epic vegan meals and treats, go on the most kickass vacations, be able to bend into the most insane yoga poses, and put together the most incredible ensembles from my minimalist wardrobe. As it turns out, I am half-assing everything on my Pinterest page. … Continue reading 50 Piece Wardrobe

Who wears short shorts?

Chub rub. Chafing. Thigh interaction. Thigh snuggling. No matter what you call it, the awful rubbing of your legs when you exercise is the absolute worst. In fact, it sucks when I’m not exercising too. Of course, there are tons of little tricks people use to avoid the terrible touch of one thigh to another. My favorite were bike shorts underneath dresses and/or baby powder to make the … Continue reading Who wears short shorts?

A Whole New World

Last week, I posted about some new lifestyle choices that I am committing to after a summer experience that exposed me to a whole new world of happiness (yes, I meant to make an Aladdin reference). I promised a continuation of my running list of actions, so here goes: Give my body the food it wants and deserves  Food is extremely important to me. Let … Continue reading A Whole New World

Lessons from summer (influenced heavily by Ice Cube and Jim Carrey)

People say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I have found that to be absolutely true, but there is certainly more to it. Distance can also make the heart grow better, stronger, lighter, and healthier. I had the amazing opportunity to spend the last two months away from home working an incredible summer internship. During the rest of the year, I am a PhD student and … Continue reading Lessons from summer (influenced heavily by Ice Cube and Jim Carrey)

We wear pink on Wednesdays

My last post was about my journey to consume only natural foods. Thus far, the “journey” has consisted of watching documentaries (Vegucated and Food Inc., people!) and actively thinking about what foods I would like to cut out of my life. I was really inspired by a quotation used at the very beginning of Food Matters, a documentary about food that really makes you think: “Let food … Continue reading We wear pink on Wednesdays