I have been on a mission to minimize all the extra stuff in my life since August, 2014, when I watched an amazing documentary called TINY: A Story About Living Small. Here is a collection of frantic, slightly humorous, and mostly awesome posts about my journey thus far.

Minimum Minimalism: A post about the night that sparked this crazy new goal

Minimal-ish Packing: 5 days, 2 cities: That time I packed significantly lighter than I normally do

Minimal-ish Packing: Results: That time that I didn’t die when I traveled without all my possessions

Life without a Little Black Dress: Yes, this is as dramatic as it sounds.

50 Piece Wardrobe: I finally did it. Now, let’s see how this goes.

50 Piece Wardrobe Recap: See how it went

Minimal-ish Packing: Georgia Girl Hits LA: See what I brought with me for a seven day trip

Slow & Steady: Check in with me after one year of reducing

Purge Party (Not What it Sounds Like): Creating a support system for reducing the stuff in your life

Dumb Phone Challenge: I’m even trying to minimize my dependence on technology

50 Piece Winter Wardrobe: My second attempt at a capsule wardrobe after some lessons learned and some changes to my wardrobe


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