sustainableinthesouth eats
The most delightful Oyster Bar in Annapolis, Maryland

I wish I could call myself a “foodie” without feeling like a total tool. Maybe if I use a less mainstream word? What about food lover? Food experimenter? Food explorer? Person-wh0-can’t-go-ten-minutes-without-thinking-about-food? Simply put: I love food. I love tasting new foods. I love preparing food. I love talking about food. I love traveling for the sole purpose of trying new delicacies. If I had enough charisma and I knew the right folks, I would have a show on the Food Network. I love food. So, I write about food (quite often in fact).

I love to write about wonderful food-speriences I encounter, but I also have a lot to say about what it means to me to be a healthy eater. I hope you can find something interesting to read about among my many posts about the most important thing in the world: (delicious) food.

The Pleasures of Eating

On the most amazing meal I’ve ever consumed: Newport is for (Food) Lovers 

On the delights of local alcohol: Bottoms Up

sustainableinthesouth eats
Me and some falafel I met at a Flea Market

Will I ever become an actual vegan? Meh… we’ll see.

A Whole New World

If you have a choice, choose local!

Opa Robby’s Market Fresh Produce and Warm Fuzzies

We wear pink on Wednesdays (you wish this was actually about Mean Girls)

Shameless Plug: If you read the whole post you’ll get to my shameless plug

A voluntary experiment for the health-conscious hippie


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