50 Piece Winter Wardrobe

Last January, I put together my first 50 Piece Wardrobe. It went really well and I have really missed the simplicity of it. I just rearranged all my clothing, and I’m ready for another capsule wardrobe! This time, I’m going to increase from 30 days to 50 days. I will wear the clothing I select through February (unless something goes terrible wrong or right with … Continue reading 50 Piece Winter Wardrobe

Minimal-ish Packing: Georgia Girl Hits LA

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go… to LA! I am so excited about this trip. I get to hug and hang out with one of my greatest friends, run my first half marathon, and hopefully soak up some sun before I head back home! I’ll be away for seven days and I don’t know what kind of fun I’ll be getting into, … Continue reading Minimal-ish Packing: Georgia Girl Hits LA

50 Piece Wardrobe

If my life looked anything like my Pinterest Boards, I would be the coolest freaking human alive. I would cook the most epic vegan meals and treats, go on the most kickass vacations, be able to bend into the most insane yoga poses, and put together the most incredible ensembles from my minimalist wardrobe. As it turns out, I am half-assing everything on my Pinterest page. … Continue reading 50 Piece Wardrobe

Minimal-ish Packing: 5 Days, 2 Cities

    Six weeks ago, I won two free badges to SXSW Eco, an amazing conference that I feel so lucky to attend. I won the badges through an Instagram competition where I shared some photos from my summer experience in New England. I’m about to leave for Atlanta to spend some time with my folks and then I’m off to Austin, TX for the conference. This trip … Continue reading Minimal-ish Packing: 5 Days, 2 Cities