Life Updates (Spoiler: I’m Dr. Diener!)

Oh hello, Internet. Apparently my MO is to do a cool, sassy update and then re-abandon my blog. Rest assured: I abandoned for a good reason–well, multiple good reasons! In my post from February 2017, I provided a pretty length update about what I’d been up to during an accidental year-long hiatus from blog writing. I shared some photos of my apartment, wrote about trying … Continue reading Life Updates (Spoiler: I’m Dr. Diener!)

Newport is for (food) lovers

How I approach a normal restaurant meal: Order a water Get the water and immediately guzzle the whole thing Order something vegetarian that comes with fries Pee because I drank too much Arrive back at table right as meal arrive at table (score!) Eat the entire meal in 20 seconds flat without saying a word to whoever I’m eating with This method has worked pretty … Continue reading Newport is for (food) lovers